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There ought to be a civil rights movement of felons denied their right to vote, with mass sit ins at polling places, etc. I am opposed to the above suggestion of making voting compulsory or denying people their right to vote for the sweeping and multitudinous reasons suggested above. (A previous comment on the OpEdNew article I am commenting on)

But my main comment is about Steven Biskupic, the U.S. Attorney in eastern Wisconsin. He was on the Rove/Gonzalez list of attorneys to be fired but he got off the list by prosecuting innocent citizens.

He prosecuted Georgia Thompson, an employee of the state travel office on trumped up charges of directing a state travel contract to a company that had contributed to the Democratic Governor. When Thompson's appeal reached the appelate court, the court commented on the lack of any evidence supporting Thompson's conviction and ordered her freed from prison that same day. Meanwhile, Thompson had served four months in prison and lost her house.

Citizens of a free society are supposed to be able to go about their business without having to fear that the state will single them out for a show trial and conviction as was done in the former Soviet Union and other dictatorships. Biskupic's false and political prosecution strikes at the very foundation of that right. Georgia Thompson should be given the money to buy an even better house plus punitive damages for the ordeal she has suffered. Steven Biskupic should be removed as the U.S. Attorney, disbarred and sentenced to at least ten years in prison for that trumped up prosecution alone.

But there's more. In accord with the Bush Cheney Administration policy of cutting down the number of veterans who received service connected disability, Biskupic prosecuted a 62 year old Vietnam veteran for fraud after he applied to retroactively move back the time he was eligible for benefits. He had contracted Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after seeing another service member crushed to death in the wheel well of a plane during the 1960's. The VA hearing examiner ruled that he was eligible for benefits from an earlier date. But Biskupic obtained another trumped up conviction and the veteran has now been in jail for over four months, awaiting his transfer to prison

The Republican administration tried to suppress the minority vote by alleging that there was massive voter fraud. Biskupic prosecuted 14 voters for voting before their probation ended, obtained five convictions, and some of those voters are now in prison serving several year terms.

Remove, disbar and prosecut this evil despicable man before he can prosecute and imprison more innocent citizens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Halfhill

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