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What follows is a post on the Minneapolis Issues List commenting on a post by Tamir Nolley attacking Don Samuels for his statement on burning down North High School. As of my posting this blog, my post has not yet appeared on the Minneapolis Issue List. Most likely, His Excellency, David I (David Bauer) as part of his totalitarian policing of the Issues List has not allowed this post through.
David Bauer, as the Moderator, actually Dictator, of the Minneapolis Issues List, has squelched much of the potential of e-democracy. He suspended this author for two weeks for posting information on the demonstration against George Bush on his appearance this summer at a fundraiser for Michelle Bachmann in Minnetonka because of Bauers orders against posting non Minneapolis issues on the list. By Bauer's arbitrary DICTAT, if Bush had appeared on the Minneapollis side of Emerald Avenue, it would be permissible to post about it on the Minneapolis Issues List. But is Bush were to appear on the other side of Emerald, posting about it would be verboten. Bush's appearance while outside the Minneapolis City limits, was still within the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan area and most of the participants in the demonstration were probably from the two inner cities. In fact, the largest contingent of the demonstraters were undoubtedly from Minneapolis.
But this does not prevent King David I from continuing his choleric threats of suspensions and expulsions thundering down from the Moderator's Throne. Until enough people on the list demand his unseating, his Jehovian threats will no doubt continue.
By Robert Halfhill

I addition to Don Samuels saying "I am an Alfa (sic - should be
alpha) male," "We need to reevaluate out tolerance towards Gay and
Lesbian workers," "The only use for a library book is to block a
bullet or to throw at someone, and "Burn North High School down,"
Tamir Nolley (in a post to the Minneapolis Issues List) forgot to
mention Samuels "admonition" when the City Council
was discussing whether to retain certain provisions protecting the
rights of protesters in the contract for the Republican national
convention in Minneapolis something to the effect of we have to
remember that they control whether the convention comes here.
Perhaps this was just part of his opinions about the dangers of free
speech and the first amendment.
What list members need to remember is that THIS is what we got
after the Democratic Party had the ward boundaries changed in the the
post midnight hours of the night and threw Natalie Johnson Lee into
the same ward as Don Samuels. The ward boundaries did not throw any
incumbent City Council members into the same ward when the STAR
TRIBUNE first published a map of the redrawn ward boundaries. These
were presented as what had been decided for the required
reappointment. But the next day, we learned that the boundaries had
been redrawn.
This was done by the DFL in an attempt to eliminate the upstart
Green Party that had the temerity to win some of THEIR City Council
seats. An in future contests between the Green Party and the DFL,
Minneapolis voters should remember that it was the DFL who saddled
us with THIS instead of Natalie Johnson Lee on the City Council.
It was this same DFL who threw sixth ward Councilmember Dean
Zimmermann into the same ward with another Councilmember. But this
was not enough for the Republican and Democratic government who
arranged a sting so they could show pictures of Dean Zimmermann
accepting cash from a neighborhood developer. The cash was not a
contribution to Zimmermann personally but, instead, a contribution to
the legal expenses of the lawsuit against the redistricting.
Zimmermann had told several friends that he had received the money
for the lawsuit and these friends were prepared to testify at his
trial. However, federal Judge Ann Montgomery, who when she was a
Hennepin County Judge, had acquitted Richard Prof after he threatened
a group of Gay and Lesbian demonstraters, who were protesting a
recent incident of Gay bashing, with a baseball bat and later threw
an egg at them, ruled that the testimony that Dean had told them he
received the money for the lawsuit was inadmissible in the trial
because it was "hearsay." Hearsay, for example, means that you or I
could not testify that someone had committed a murder because we read
about it in a newspaper or someone had told us. Only people with
direct knowledge because of being eyewitnesses or the defendant later
telling them would be allowed to testify. However, if a witness told
someone that he had seen the defendant commit the murder and later
said at the trial that he had not seen the defendant do it, the
person who had earlier been told by the witness that he had seen the
defendant commit the murder could
testify in court about his direct knowledge about what the witness
had committing the murder.
Similarly, Dean's friends should have been allowed to testify
about Dean telling them he had received the money for the lawsuit,
although they would not have been permitted to testify about Dean
receiving the money unless they had been eyewitnesses.
And Judge Montgomery, whose bias is as evident as her ignorance of
the law, sentenced Dean Zimmermann to three years, although other
City Councilmembers, Joe Biernat and Brian Herron, who had actually
taken bribes, had only received a year in prison. And making her
bias more evident for all to see, Judge Montgomery twisted the knife
in for an extra turn by refusing to let Dean serve his sentence in a
Dakota prison where family and friends could more easily visit him,
but instead specified that he serve his sentence in a Colorado prison.
Robert Halfhill Loring Park
http://halfhillviews.greatnow.com (SITE NOW BANNED ON AOL)
*Write AOL to complain, here: aolaccessibility@aol.com, or call 1-


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