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May 22, 2009

Star Tribune
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Those who are arguing that torture obtained vital information and "saved American
lives" need only consider the truthfulness of the "confessions" obtained by the Medieval Inquisition. We all know that the accused witches "confessions" to flying through the air and having erotic encounters with the Devil were false and given only to stop the torture. The "confessions" given under "enhanced interrogation at Guantanomo are equally useless and are not even admissible in court to prosecute the alleged terrorists.
The United States prosecuted the Japanese interrogators who water boarded captured American soldiers during World War II as war criminals. Whether water boarding is a war crime has already been settled under American law so it onlyremains to prosecute those federal officials who approved it. This includes George Bush and Dick Cheney.
And since it has now come out that prominent Democrats, such as Nancy (Impeachment off the table) Pelosi knew along with the Republicans about these war crimes, surely it is well past time for Americans to transfer their allegiance to a fresh start with a new third party.

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