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January 26, 2007
Star Tribune
425 Portland Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55488
Although Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said of the Court's
halting the
recount of the Florida vote in 2000, "It's water over the deck -- Get
over it," the equivalent of a military coup is not the sort of thing
that anyone should get over. There is no difference between five
Supreme Court Justices ordering us to stop counting the vote and five
generals carrying out a coup and ordering us to stop counting the
vote. For the first time in U.S. history, an election was ordered
halted and an openly illegal government was installed.
Although the Supreme Court halted the recount on the ground of
egual protection because the different Florida counties had different
standards for counting disputed ballots --"Counting somebody else's
dimpled chad and not counting my dimpled chad is not giving equal
protection of the law," Scalia argued -- the Supreme Court had seen
no reason to intervene on this ground in any election since the
founding of the Republic, even though not only the different counties
but even the different states had different standards for conducting
elections and counting ballots. And in a misleadingly titled headline
"In partial recount, Bush wins, review finds," the November 12, 2001
STAR TRIBUNE reporting on the long promised media recount, informed
us that under four out of six possible methods of conducting the
recount, Gore won. And these four methods of recounting were the
only ones in which there were consistent methods of recounting the
disputed ballots, including the dimpled chads. And this does not
even take account of the fact that Florida outsourced the purging of
its voter rolls of convicted felons to private companies. The low
bidders who won the contract were, of course, the ones who cut
corners by only compiling lists of those who had been CHARGED with
felonies without checking whether they had been CONVICTED. Because
of this, as in the days of whites only voting during segregation,
many Black citizens were systematically disenfranchised.
And in addition to all this, yesterday's STAR TRIBUNE of January
25, 2007 reported that two election officials in Ohio's most populous
county, Cuyahoga, had been convicted of rigging the 2004 election.
Ohio, for instance, was one of the states that allegedly
changed to Bush over the post midnight hours, although the exit polls
had predicted a Kerry win. Exit polls, incidentally, are precisely
the means the United Nations uses to detect whether elections had
been stolen in places like Serbia, Georgia, and the Ukraine. The
laws of statistics do not change at the U.S. border. The
American news media cheered on the Serbian people when they took to
the streets when Milosevic tried to steal the Serbian elections. But
the Serbian people, as well as the people in all the other countries
where there were "color" revolutions, have suffered under both
Fascist and Stalinist tyrannies and know from experience how
unpleasant life can be under unelected, illegal governments. Let us
hope that the American people will not have to learn from the same
bitter experience before they realize that they have both the right
and the duty to take back their government.
The STAR TRIBUNE has allowed virtually no mention of the stolen
elections of 2000 and 2004 into your pages. You will probably not
allow this mention in either. But be warned! You and the rest
of the establishment keep on like this and the majority of Americans
eventually view their "elections" in the same way the citizens of the
former Soviet Union viewed theirs.
Robert Halfhill (SITE NOW BANNED ON AOL)
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