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The following post is a comment on an article in OpEd News that bemoaned the fact that people who voted for the Democrats expecting impeachment and an end to the Iraq war did not get what they voted for.

By Robert Halfhill
Yes, the American people voted for the Democrats hoping they would
impeach Bush and get out of Iraq. Now, the Democratic Senate Majority
Leader, Nancy Pelosi, tells us that "impeachment is off the table."
And despite the power to approve or disapprove any war expenditures,
which has been in the Constitution since it came into effect in 1787
and the first federal government was set up, Congress, which is now
under Democratic control, is agonizing over a sense of Congress
resolution which will not have any effect. Despite all the sound and
fury, with Republicans and conservative Democrats predicting that any
ineffectual and non binding resolution will endanger the troops, and
all the political manevering around amendments and authors of
different resolutions combining their resolutions, the result when
all the tumult and turmoil has passed will be the Iraq War continuing
If Antiwar and Impeachment activists cannot achieve their goals
through the Democrats, its time you considered voting for a third
party. And stop being brought up short by the argument that voting
for a third party will lead to even more evil since it will cause the
lesser evil Democrats to lose and put the Greater evil Republicans
back in power. The Democrats know that as long as both liberals and
radicals have announced publicly that they are supporting the
Democrats as the lesser evil, the Democrats can safely afford to
become even more evil because liberals and radicals have announced
that they don't have any place else to go. Then the Republicans can
safely afford to move even further to the right and even more evil.
And the Democrats know that they can safely follow the Republicans
even further to the right BECAUSE YOU HAVE ADMITTED THAT YOU DON'T
If you are on a run-a-way train speeding towards the edge of a cliff,
leaving the Republican front car and crowding into the Democratic
rear car is not an effective strategy for survival. And don't say a
third party will not be supported by a majority of the voters
because, if the majority of the voters decide to support a third
party, the third party will have majority support. And that is your
job; you need to be agitating to persuade people concerning the
bankruptcy of the Democratic Party instead of the equivalent of
urging the majority of voters to take refuge in the rear car of a run-
a-way train.
Remember that a third party can prevail even in our winner take all
electoral system. The Republicans were once an upstart third party
before they replaced the Whig Party.
At present, the Green Party represent the best chance of a break with
the two party duopoly, sdspite its disastrous refusal to endors Ralph
Nader in 2004 and its equally disastrous retreat to endorsing safe
states David Cobb and his covert lesser evil support of the Democrats
by only making a serious attempt to campaign in states where there
was no chance he would throw the election to the Republicans. His
running mate, Pat LeMarch came out for a REALLY safe states policy
when she said that she would not even vote for herself unless the
polls predicted that Kerry would win 70% of the vote in her state.
You must be ready for increasingly strident predictions of doom as
you move towards breaking with the Democrats. Already, OpEd has
published another attack on Ralph Nader as the Democrat's
disappointment with respect to impeachment and ending the Iraq war
has led to increased fears that the voters may break with the
Democrats. You can expect more of the same in the same way an
overprotective parent retchets up the stidency and hysteria of his or
her warnings of doom whenever their offspring shows the slightest
sign of self assertion and indpendence.
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