Sunday, February 25, 2007


RELIGIOUS NUTS OF NO USE AGAINST BUSH, by Robert Halfhill(This was a comment I made about a post of OpEdnews.)
While I agree with your opposition to Bush, I find your use of religion and BIBLE prophecy appalling. Not only do you believe in the BIBLE, and therefore presumedly God, but you show the same kind of belief in BIBLE prophecy as the rapture cultists you criticize, equating mythological beasts in Revelation with various contemporary persons, organizations, classes, etc.In the first place, you have not a shred of evidence that there is a God beyond the Universe Who created it. The widespread argument that there has to be a God because the Universe has to have a cause and only God can provide that cause fails as a proof because, if everything must have a cause, God would need a Super God to cause Him or Her and the Super God would need a Super, Super God Who would need a Super, Super, Super... No matter how far you regress towards infinity, your have not reached a solution to how the Universe was caused.If your belief in God is based on faith, then if you can believe things on faith, without reason, then why not believe in Naziism, or Al Quaida, or Jim Jones, etc. If you make a "leap of faith," it is a matter of chance where your leap takes you and who knows what evil cult you will land on.I find it appalling that you with a doctorate and an M.D. in psychiatry not only resorts to religion as a rationale for your opposition to Bush but you even resort to the FUNDAMENTALIST RELIGION in the same Bible prophecy that the rapture cultists depend on.

(The above post provoked a heated comment to which I replied below.)
Fred F, the soundness of my position on religion does not depend on whether you could or couldn't care less about my views on your religious beliefs. It depends on the validity of the reasons I gave for my position.Incidentally, your statement that you "could care less" is a grammatical error because it shows an error in logic. The only way you COULDN'T care less is if the amount you cared was zero. If you COULD care less, that can only be because the amount of your caring can be lessened, which means that it is greater than zero.But grammatical quibles aside, the critique of your belief in "a higher power" is the same as my critique of a belief in God. You have not a shred of evidence for the existence of this "higher power," and if your belief in this higher power is based on faith instead of reason, you are without any means of evaluating the beliefs you are landing on. You are jumping out at random and you are far more likely to land on something like Nazism, or Al Quaida or Jim Jones that something benign. (SITE NOW BANNED ON AOL)*Write AOL to complain, here:, or call 1-888-212-5537.


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